25 March 2014

Food Snobbery

I am a confessed food snob. I love good food, and automtically seek out the best brands, the best restaurants. I love to cook, and read cookbooks for pleasure.

That being said, much of the food I love isn't gourmet. I've begun compiling a list of favorite foods.


Kikkoman Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

A very recent find. We love this--with eggs; mixed with sour cream as a condiment with Mexican food. With chicken wings... A gadzillion possibilities.


Haticot Verts: (Trader Joe's)

I like these much more than the fresh one's available at Costco.


Fettuccine Alfredo: (Trader Joe's)

This is a new find. A package serves 2 and microwaves in less than 7 minutes.


Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips

My current favorite is to combine milk chocolate and bittersweet when I make Tollhouse or my own recipe for Monster Cookies (which includes peanutbutter).



Birds Eye Steamables

These are my go-to vegetables to round out a meal when seasonal fresh vegetables are hard to come by. Cooking instructions result in tender-crisp vegetables. The Penne is the perfect size for lunch, but the red peppers are just too soggy, so pick them out.


LaTortilla Factory White Corn Tortillas

Ah-h-h... I scavenge for these. They're sometimes in our regular grocery stores, but I can always find them at Fresh Market. Once in awhile I've found the larger size available. Otherwise, you can overlap two to create a larger fillable surface. We lightly brown these in hot oil, and drain well.


Fage Greek Yogurt (2%)

I love both the cherry and the honey, but mostly have the plain with fresh red raspberries, and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Post Great Grains: Raisins,Dates, and Pecans

My favorite cereal, and I also got my mother-in-law hooked. She once told me that she went to bed at night looking forward to her breakfast cereal. Enough said.

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