10 March 2014

IT Band Stretches


Mine is white Styrofoam. Simple, yet effective.


Someday my right hip might need replacing. Hope not, but the required surgery has improved dramatically and the recovery time shortened. We've been through three surgeries with my mother-in-law, so we've seen firsthand. And, a close friend's youngish daughter recently sailed through her experience.


Anyhow, that's me catastro-fizing. Jumping ahead.

My right IT band acts up regularly and because there is sometimes nerve involvement, massage isn't an option. When my aches and pains are muscle related, I love massage. And, Yoga stetches are wildly helpful.



But, there's nothing like the sweet agony of rolling my hip, thigh, leg along one of these Styrofoam pillars to get instantly to the root of the problem.


Lay the roller on carpeting or a Yoga mat. Lie down over the roller and press your hip into it. Using your arms, propel (roll) the length of your leg down the length of the pillar. OMG. Sweet agony. Repeat as tolerated.

Amazingly effective.


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