23 March 2014

Guacs I Have Known

-photo from website-

The family favorite recipe is from the Two Hot Tamales: Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken at Border Grill in Santa Monica. We make it all the time--no tomatoes, salsa, or cutsey ingredients. It's wonderful.


-photo from here-

Then, I discovered Guacamole at Hub 51 in Chicago. At one time, maybe not now as I peruse the menu, they hid grilled or roasted corn under their Guacamole. Ah-h-h... A treat, and you could make a meal of it. At home I roasted some corn and layered it beneath the Border Grill Guac. Divine.


-photo from here-

And, a great discovery in Scottsdale, AZ was Guacamole with Pomegranate seeds. I could find the restaurant again, but have no idea of it's name or the exact combination of ingredients. PM and I loved it. We were in Scottsdale April of 2012 for a family funeral and happened upon the restaurant by chance. The local cousins were interested in our discovery and took note for their own dining future. The recipe could be similar to this, but I don't remember mango...

This past week I enjoyed the Guacamole at Mixteco. Their version is chunky with finely-diced cucumber added and a garnish of finely julienned radish.

Ah, Guacamole, your perfection in simplicity, but you also shine in a tux.


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