29 January 2010


LL and I drive into Chicago today--no real plan in mind other than a visit to the big Whole Foods just off North Avenue on Kingsbury. Our meandering itinerary:

Design Within Reach
Fun, and expensive. In reach for whom? Gorgeous leather furniture. Rockers. Coffee tables.

Whole Foods
Intelligentisia coffee--Lincoln Park Blend. A gift for CA, and he will share! Also, haricot verts for dinner tonight, cranberry nut bread for breakfast tomorrow, dried oyster mushrooms to add to tonight's risotto.

We can never resist a hot dog... Although, this time I opt for the pulled pork with sweet potato fries while LL really doesn't resist the hot dog and curly fries.

I hadn't gotten it together to order pastries, but I am able to pick up two cakes for Sunday's guests and a few petit fours for moi! And, tomorrow the little girls will find they have some yummy porcupines for their treat.

We finish off our afternoon with a relaxing cup of coffee in this very Austrian cafe.

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