18 January 2010

CHILLING: Would you care for a bag of ice?

It's been more than a year since I planned to post a few photos of our kitchen. It's almost never presentable enough, or if it is we are in the midst of entertaining and who has times for photos then? So here are a few before with our mismatched white frig.

And, as these things go--in the middle of emptying the frig, I migrate into the pantry and completely clean and reorganize it, ending my first big 2010 procrastination. Voilà! It's now ready for the Container Store photo shoot! If only they'd ask...

rice is stored in a large vase

Rubber Maid lids make perfect floor trays

With amazing speed, we have our new frig. Yep! It was such a DEAL that we didn't really explore all it's options while at Lowe's and when I was reading about it online I refused to believe/take in a significant feature--it has TWO ice makers! Who in the world needs two? One in the upper French Door (!!!) frig and one in the pull-out-drawer freezer. I am considering establishing an ice delivery service for catering events...

                spices from a Paris grocery store - Shopi in Levallois

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