19 January 2010


MK needs an inexpensive solution to window coverings for LG and KF's bedroom windows. The windows are identical, actually a window and a doorway to a small balcony in each room that are slightly inset totaling 78" of width and 94" of length.

Since DM+MK are planning on moving their family back from Slovakia to the U.S. within the next 18 months and since these windows are in the rooms of very active and creative little girls, we need to keep the options fun and cheap.

We purchase these 54" x 90"opaque panels at TJMaxx for $5.99 each, and we'll need three panels per room. I'll sew ribbon tabs on the top edge and trim out the outside edge and bottom of each end panel, and just the bottom of the middle panel.

I found the brown bubble ribbon at Hobby Lobby at $6.00 for three rolls, and RvH gave me the two checkered ribbons to use for Merci Beaucoup. After pressing and sewing, I'll post the results.

Oh, and while we are out LG makes a pillow fort on my bed. She manages to carry the pillows from all over the house, but doesn't have the strength to put them back alone...

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