17 January 2010


Unprecedented change is underway in my kitchen! Unprecedented and unexpected.

We meet friends for breakfast this morning. CA wants to do something together instead of just heading home, but we are exhausted from all the family fun and entertaining of the past 5 days. He doesn't have definitive ideas, so I suggest Lowe's to scout out accessories and ideas for JE's pantry renovation.

After a few aisles, I meander over to lust after a new refrigerator. CA follows, and I move on to dishwashers. A very nice salesman approaches--not pushy, just nice and interested in helping us. The thing is, both our 10+ year-old WHITE refrigerator and black dishwasher make SO MUCH NOISE!

In case no one has been paying attention, our house has been full of noise--the best kind of noise. LG, KF, and now tiny, baby NJ. Noisey appliances are the only thing I might have a bit of control over, but budget constraints are a huge consideration.

Unbelievably we are able to buy a very upscale Samsung stainless steel refrigerator (slightly dented in a place no one will ever see) and a great mid-range Samsung stainless steel dishwasher for almost one-third off! I love Lowe's!!!!! Such a deal. Our existing stove is stainless/black GE and is looking good still, so our kitchen will have a fantastic facelift. Now if I could just replace the white porcelain sink that I never should have settled for during construction.

I'm just so EXCITED! I looked at a lovely fur coat at Macy's last week and hankered for it a bit... These new appliances make me happier than any fur coat every could.

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