05 January 2010


Baby Noël came home from the hospital early this afternoon to a rush of excitement and shouting. KF (who hadn't asked about her mommy even once in 3 days?!) out-ran both CA and I and dove into the VERY cold garage wearing only her diaper, calling "mommy! mommy! mommy!" Yep! Shirtless, sockless, pantless... She is definitely a future member of the Polar Bear Club.

LG was just as excited and has been the doting mother hen all day. But, KF shocked us all and made a ferocious claim of ownership on the sweet little bundle--shoving into the middle, pushing everyone away, grabbing for baby NJ. "My baby. My baby. My baby!" Didn't take any of the adults long to realize that this baby needs to be kept on a high shelf or KF will be wheeling her around in the doll stroller by tomorrow.

We are all in recovery mode and there's lots of baby holding going on. Such a sweet, tiny bundle. I love the quote attributed to Dickens--

It is not a slight thing when those
so fresh from God love us.

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