21 January 2010


In the past 24 hours, I've read Donald Miller's newest book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I'm quite moved by his thoughts and words. Lots to process and to re-read. And, in there somewhere mid-afternoon I take a nap! Yep! A good long nap.

I spend the morning in the basement with the little girls and DM, sorting and weeding out. I still have too much stuff, but it's good to tackle the overload again. I've been asking DM to sort his stuff for years, and he finally does it and does a great job. Kind of a trip down memory lane for him--high school, college, grad school, early days in central Europe, marriage and time in Norway, and lots of books. The little girls find playing cards and sea shells, and build a small fort along the back wall with cartons and furniture.

While I hide-out/veg-out in my bedroom all afternoon, the little girls play dress-up and entertain their Papa.

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