14 January 2010


We manage another great dinner together despite the chaos. JA and LE go to bed early so things calm down a bit after baths and the adults get a chance to have a nice meal.

I cut a head of Iceberg into 6 wedges this time, and along with the red onions, grape tomatoes, bacon, and bleu cheese dressing I add some diced avocado. A really good addition. JE and MA are just as delighted with this new family recipe as DM and MK, who intend to make it for the friends in Bratislava when they return home in a few weeks. Simple, easy, delicious, and fun.

I love my new soup/salad bowls. I found them at Home Goods. They are Palm and are on clearance 12 for $11. We are retiring our diner-style, black-and-white-checked rim bowls. They are bigger and much heavier, and these take up less space in the cupboard.

Not sure how the rubber ducky ends up on the table with the grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables... This week presentation is not our first priority. Our first priority is good food.

As a short cut, I decide to try these frozen mashed potatoes from Trader Joes, at less than $2 a bag. The bag is filled with about 40 of these scoops. You microwave them, stir, and then microwave again. I add a couple of tablespoons of butter after stirring, and when they are hot enough I add about 1/2 cup of sour cream.

They are good, but in a pinch Simply Potatoes are better. I probably won't use them again.

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Marielle said...

Update--We've discovered that Country Crock mashed potatoes are better than homemade. Really.