03 January 2010


Why are we so exhausted? All of us. CA and I, the little girls, and D+M. Well, MK has every reason having given birth via major surgery yesterday and DM was by her side with very little sleep and lots of stress. But CA and I? Oh, that's right! The two little girls... Ah-hem, BIG SISTERS!

And, it is so dad-blamed cold in Chicagoland. I hate the cold. I keep going online and looking for warm travel getaways and then I remember we are in charge here. The little girls need a consistent routine while their lives are forever changed by a new baby sister. We can't get away! Sigh...

We talk the little girls into taking all the ornaments off the tree and then I prepare a rather healthy lunch. I bribe them into cleaning their bowls with the promise of a NEW, never before viewed movie.

Who knew Lilo and Stitch was so scary and crazy? I think it'll be a lot of cartoon characters playing in the sand and surf of an animated Kaua'i. It's about space aliens! Mean ones. Another case of being led down the garden path by a movie trailer. LG insists she isn't scared, but when I leave the room for five minutes she finds me in tears--her not me. Come on Disney. How about truth in advertising?

Reminds me of the last time I saw Nutcracker--with our young niece. Turns out the godfather comes off as more of a sleazy uncle or pedophile... He kept cuddling Clara close and actually LEERING at her. Good thing our little niece fell asleep halfway through.

Lilo and Stitch... Not recommended for four year olds.

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