26 January 2010


CA and I head early this morning to Health Bridge in Huntley to discuss membership. We meet friends and get the big tour. We've been members in CL in the past, but the Huntley facility is over-the-top beautiful. There are so many windows, and everything is pristine.

We sign on, then work out for 40 minutes or so. The great news is that there is a family time every day, and we are delighted that we can take the little girls swimming today and every day until they leave, if we want.

We know that we need to buy new swim suits in order to pull this off--the little girls have grown since arriving in early October. We look at Kohl's and as we are discussing the limited-to-non-existent options, a kind woman directs us to Target where we find many to choose from.

We are in the pool at HB by 2:45pm, and having a ball. MK and NJ come along for moral support, but don't swim. CA and I play a one-on-one defense, and it is exhausting and hilarious. KF has no fear, and LG is an electric, dynamic sprite!

By 4:00pm we are deep into getting everyone dressed and ready to head home--hungry, tired, and satisfied.

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