02 February 2010


And then you blend it...

Tonight the little girls and their parents have a 10:00pm flight from O'Hare to Vienna, via Krakow. It's been a great four months, but everybody is ready for life to return to normal. LG has been counting the days until she returns to Chorvatsky Grob.

KF caps off the day--pun intended, get ready for it--by opening the safety lids on the liquid Tylenol and the Claritin. DM takes her to the emergency room for 3+hours and the final verdict is that she probably didn't imbibe. There is no safety lid that this 2-year old can't figure out.

We had planned on Nick's pizza one more time, but circumstances being what they are... I realize I need to get a meal together and thankfully I stop at the grocery on my way home from working out. I don't buy produce at WalMart--we have some great independent grocery-produce-deli's in our area that I depend on for fresh foods. But, today I am drawn to the red tulips as I walk through WalMart toward the paper aisle.. I buy two bunches and also one of fancy white mums.

Then, as I continue down the aisle there are huge, sparkling white heads of cauliflower and I can't resist. I've not made fresh cauliflower in any form in years, but I used to steam it and then surround it with baby peas and steamed carrots, and then top it all off with a creamy cheese sauce. It was a family favorite with roasted meat.

I find this recipe on-line and the only change I make is to add additional chicken stock and a bit more milk because this is a big head of cauliflower. And, I don't totally purée it because I like soup a bit chunky. We don't have parsley, so we garnish with some young celery tops. Thinking a sprinkle of cheese would be an added touch.

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