08 February 2010


It REALLY snowed last night! Yep! And the weather is very unstable, so we dally about the studio most of the morning. Mid-day we drive to Flagstaff along Rt-89A North, the scenic route. First through a gorgeous red rock canyon along Oak Creek, and then in Coconino National Forest and up, up, up to Flagstaff. The trees and mountains are snow covered and the temp is at least 10 degrees cooler up here.

We wander through the old town area and eventually choose Collins' Irish Pub for lunch—a grilled turkey with Swiss cheese and pesto for me, and three small fried Pollock sandwiches for CA.

There’s a Barnes and Noble in this university town (Northern Arizona University) so we spend some time book browsing and I buy a few books.

We’re having dinner at the Wildflower Bread Company although CA isn’t so sure we need dinner tonight. He does need some cough meds, so by 7:30pm we’re on our way to Walgreens and the cafe. I order the butternut squash ravioli in a walnut cream sauce and CA opts for a braised beef sandwich. Very mediocre food. The ravioli is undercooked and someone dumped a boatload of nutmeg on top of the walnut cream sauce. Oh, well… Our tummies are full, and we’ve had a reality check on coming back here for another meal.

We’re just not finding much good food here in Sedona so far.

One thing I’ll say: It’s nice having a lovely room here at Sedona Summit because when you visit Northern Arizona in the winter you take your chances on the weather. Hopefully, the sun will shine and we’ll hike a couple of key trails and maybe venture into the outdoor hot tub.

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