21 February 2010


If it's been on Oprah, it must be true...

I've been hankering for a massage for several weeks now. Thought I might book one in Sedona but it didn't work out, and then I came home sick... I even went so far as to track down my favorite masseuse/yoga teacher, but she is sidelined with a serious injury.

This article in today's Chicago Tribune fascinates me, and I want to sign-up for the ten sessions. Just as soon as I secure that extra $1,000.

Anyway, based on years of back pain and many physical therapy appointments, I am a believer. These practioners are on level with miracle workers. My entire life changed when I learned to properly stretch my muscles and tendons. And, I did experience first-hand some fascia work--not Rolfing--that had a serious positive impact.

If money were no object or if health insurers were more humane, I would be started on my Rolfing adventure at the earliest possible moment.

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