24 February 2010


This always happens to me--life gets hectic and overwhelming or I get hyped-up and over-commit, and then I go into shut-down. I pull back and quiet down, and for a bit I revel in the peace and low demands. Then, I over-do the recovery thing and begin to slide into lethargy and subtle discontent.

The cure is to dig in and clean house, start a project, help someone out--produce! Productivity is necessary to beat the malaise. Starting a project with a short-term solution is best. Finishing a project and the resulting dopamine surge from accomplishment is just the bump I need to get back into a normal flow of life.

Yep! I'm sliding into inertia, but it's a short slippery slope because I have good plans for tomorrow and Friday, and guests are coming on Sunday evening so I have no time to wallow.

Winter is just too long here in the Midwest, and we need more sunlight!

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