07 February 2010


Friends from Phoenix call with regrets and cancel their plans to join us today, which is probably a good thing because our weather is iffy and encompasses a broad spectrum—snow when we awake, then sleet, hail, rain, and sun rotating throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

We have bagels from the New York deli in our studio this a.m. and try out Starbucks Via coffee for the first time. Not a bad cup of coffee. Infinitely superior to yesterday’s floating, burned coffee.

I’ve read about Ken’s Creekside so after a lengthy phone conversation with my Phoenix friend, we drive to the Y and onto 179 for a bit until just before the bridge. There’s a blues/jazz band playing as we enter and are escorted to a small table overlooking the creek and with red rocks views in three directions. The menu is encouraging and I choose a veggie wrap that is filled with roasted red peppers, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, capers, and goat cheese and then grilled. My entrée is accompanied by a mixed green salad with pomegranate vinaigrette. CA orders their chicken salad sandwich which arrives with yummy pommes frites. A lovely Sunday lunch.

We check out a Navajo rug gallery and then a local potter before driving to the Hyatt and finding the local Starbucks and some interesting shops. We check out the Wildflower Bread Store and determine that we’ll return for a meal—breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

CA drops me off at the SS and leaves to search out a spot to enjoy the Super Bowl. I’m happy here with a view toward the encroaching dusk and relentless rain. I’m at peace—a good time to read, write, and reflect.

New Orleans wins!

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