29 April 2009


Love this new photo of JE.
She entitles it: when naps go bad...all day... (baby in sling)

CA and I have been procrastinating on our current NetFlix pick--The Reader. VA-VA-VOOM! This is a wonderful movie. Raw sexuality and yet it works with the story line. Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet. She was nominated for the wrong movie. This is far better than Revolutionary Road; a harsh, yet riveting story. Watch it now!

Great day again today. RvH comes over about 10:30am. I whip up a bacon quiche and then a lettuce and tomato salad with a watered-down lite mayo dressing--my take on BLT. CA and RvH love it! We look at family photos and then my blog roll--concentrating on the fashion and design bloggers. RvH is getting a computer--for the first time. She lost her job and realizes she doesn't want to survive without the Internet. I promise to hook her up to her very own blog roll.

After lunch we drive around Bull Valley and critique the houses and then meander into The Sanctuary. Unbelievably big houses. We are quite the snobs when it comes to architecture. Then a trip to my new favorite--Aldi's! RvH is properly impressed, but doesn't buy much this time... Just an introduction and she will return.

Can't believe she stays until 3:00pm. I send along some quiche, some raw bacon in a handy microwavable bag, a Styrofoam 6" log roll for her back and posture while she sits, and a knobby thing that she can use to massage her legs and low back. We back veterans have an endless supply of antidotes. Her increasingly debilitating osteoporosis requires she learn to care for her back and legs. One day I fear I will find her in a puddle on the floor.

After RvH leaves, I cuddle up with Chelsea Handler's Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. I started it yesterday after I finished sTori Telling, and I have to tell you it makes me laugh out loud. She is a riot! Very, very dirty mouth and slightly (mostly) amoral lady, and she has NO FILTERS. Sounds like her father had no filters, also.

This evening CA goes out for some KFC--so, so bad but it has been YEARS since we indulged. When did they close the KFC in Woodstock? See, who knew? He doubles back to Popeye's and I change my order to include some beans and rice. Fried foods and beans--this could end up with gall bladder surgery. Am I crazy? It was yummy and I will say "worth it" unless I do end up in the operating room later tonight.

I have to settle down and work on my list--we go to Omaha Friday early a.m. and then a week from Friday head to Peoria for some family stuff, and then home on Monday, 5/11 and fly to Vienna that night. RvH brought me 3 Ambien for the trip. When JL and I land in Vienna we will immediately drive to the Austrian Alps--50 miles from Salzburg. Most everything is underway, but there are way too many details to treat casually. I need lists and timetables and proactive intentions.

Haven't introduced the idea to CA of taking the laptop away with me for two weeks... He will agree, even though it is killing him to be left behind.

I have to figure out how to add the continuation link to my blog postings as these are beginning to go on-and-on-and-on...

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