25 April 2009

LEAVING - Actually leaving....

I'm tired. I noticed yesterday afternoon that I probably stayed a day too long. We have been having such a good time and our energies haven't really flagged, but by late afternoon I could feel a deep tiredness and knew I would need a lot of alone time to regroup. I was energized with BZ's visit and wouldn't trade a minute of the past several days, but I will need alone time to recover.

Before I am even out of bed JL has gotten in her fitness walk. We only made it out once together this week--good intentions, but not enough time and energy. There is coffee and I am not hungry, so I get right to the task of loading the car. We double-check the math on our financial transactions. Over the past few weeks we have purchased airline tickets, party dresses, jeans, etc. for our little girls and our upcoming trip to Europe. Good thing I started a list or we would never recover the details. Checks are written and just before I go, we decide to head down to the computer to view the latest photos of the twins and give JL a quick tutorial on a few of the finer details that escape her.

If we hadn't taken the computer detour I would have been on the road by 8:30am my time. I still hit the road by 9:15am and have a lovely morning listening to NPR. The miles fly by and soon I am near Chicago. I decide to wait until I am on the Northwest Tollway to take the Barrington Road exit and have a yummy burger and 1/2 lemonade-1/2 iced tea at Buona Beef in Hoffman Estates.

I decide to stay on the secondary roads from here as I have some returns to transact at JoAnne Fabrics on Randall Road. Second thoughts about the purchases I made on Tuesday... Big sale at JoAnne where I find the indoor/outdoor fabrics that were so pricey in Battle Creek and at the lawn and garden store on sales 50% off. And, the full price here is JUST $16.99. I call JL and she decides to get her neighbor in for an estimate and purchase the yardage she requires during this week of the sale. There are some beautiful reds--JL, like me, is partial to reds. We had envisioned a blue and yellow decor in a country French theme for her porch re-do, but can't resist the call of the reds...

CA is out and about when I arrive home. He mentioned that he was in the mood for baked potatoes topped with cottage cheese, chunks of ham, and mixed vegetables and I encouraged him to follow through for dinner tonight. I start to unload the car and he shows up to finish. We leave the plants out in the rain, and I unpack the bounty and the laundry. I am known as a procrastinator when it comes to unpacking, but lately have begun tackling the job immediately. People do change!

By 2:30pm I am cuddled in bed in my summer nightgown with the rabbit book and the intention of sleeping as much as I want. CA fields only one phone call from RvH, and I sleep until 5:00pm, staying in bed until almost 6:00pm. This seems a night for junk t.v. and I watch some HGTV and then settle in to Grey Gardens on HBO. Well done and very interesting. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are very gifted actors, and humble enough to allow their faces and bodies to be ravaged by age and gravity for the roles of Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale--relatives of Jackie Kennedy who eventually lived in fantasy and squalor in East Hampton. It is a story of mental illness, forsaken dreams, grandiose fantasies, denial, kindness, quirkiness, and triumph. Well done and I am drawn to it as one would be to a train wreck or a cannibalistic killer (I admit it. Jeffrey Dahmer was spell binding for me.).

We celebrate my homecoming with some Ben & Jerry's even though we aren't even hungry. The diet begins in earnest tomorrow.

I have had a great week! Escapism extraordinaire, with some productivity and creativity thrown in for good measure. And, I have had the pleasure of sharing my time with some very fun and interesting women. We reminisce and fill in the blanks for each other--tell only the truth and talk too loudly. It is healthy escapism and also reality check.

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