21 April 2009


Mama Duck's litter of 15 eggs nestled in the plantings by JL's front door on Indian Lake

Decided to drive to Michigan to celebrate my independence from the transcription project. CA is busy, busy, busy with soccer and teaching this week and besides he is always happy for me when I have an independent adventure.

JL has been entertaining GJ and her husband--they are finalizing a quilting project that has been in the works for more than two years. JL is a Mary Engelbreit fan and all the fabrics are hers. The end product is a 4 x 5 quilt. I will photo it later...

Taking the Subaru this time as I have a wing-back chair and ottoman that I want reupholstered and have decided that prices will be much better in Michigan.

I almost hit my mark for leaving home by 9am, but then ditz around a bit preparing a sandwich (how uncharacteristically frugal of me when it comes to road food). Then, I get sidetracked on Randall Road because I want to use my Michael's coupon and also just take a short trip into Home Goods. As I pull into the parking lot between the two stores, I realize it is a Joann Fabrics coupon as the Michael's already expired! So, a quick run through Home Goods only allowing myself to buy from the Clearance shelves, then I decide to back-track to Joann's to use my 50% off coupon to buy a flat plastic art supply storage box. But, I also get sucked into some lime green and hot pink polka dotted tote bags for Merci Beaucoup.

All-in-all I spend about 45 minute to an hour after already telling my sister JL that I am on the road... She is very forgiving as her mind and activities tend to wander... Remember me mentioning Michigan time last Fall?

JL's good friend is waiting with her when I arrive and we sit around the seldom-sat-in living room enjoying the lake view and getting acquainted. We eventually head out for Tex-Mex and margaritas--YUM!

We watch some junk t.v.--actually I watch the Real Housewives of NYC and JL dozes and snores beside me. Then I head upstairs and fall into bed to sleep the first night away, resting up for the adventures ahead.

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