30 April 2009


So... I've had a couple of friend-filled days and with my ever growing list of things to do before next weekend's family events and then the May 11th departure for Europe... the truth is that I am not getting much done.

Today I have only one commitment--except the dentist had a cancellation and I get to fit in having my teeth cleaned before my trip. I head for BR's just after 11:30am. They have been finishing off an addition and she is now thinking of repainting her kitchen and dining room. She has plenty of windows, but with her tree-shaded lot and enclosed screened porch there is just not much light filtering through. She has her eye on a bright light-reflecting yellow-green for both rooms. That's a tricky color and we immediately decide we have to paint a large section of wall before she decides on any shade for sure. I promise to stop at Bella's in Woodstock (the yummy gelato place owned by the Pirro brothers) to check out their wall color and try to find out what it is.

BR is my friend who lost her wonderful mom just a few months ago. The best thing about repainting for her is that the focal point of her dining room will be the fun everyday dishes her mom bought for her last fall and for Christmas. They are a dark gold with a red-orange poppy in the center of each. No slouch, Lorraine purchased the full set with ALL of the serving pieces. What fine memories BR gets to live with each day.

I fit in a quick trip to Kohls on my way to the dentist to ask them to reactivate the $5 off coupons I scored by giving them all 4 of my email addresses, plus DM and MK's. Who knew they would expire, and so soon? I immediately use 4 of the coupons while I am in their good graces and the approving manager is on duty. Good thing, because it is still somewhat of a friendly hassle at the register. I just had time to choose a few items for the M. kids in Bratislava, but I know I need to get back to Kohls yet today.

The dentist is fine. It's always nice to have clean teeth.

I head home to pick up some Target returns and get chair-napped... Sinking into the leather recliner for a cozy nap. The only thing that gets me up is a promise of a jumbo beef hot dog with all the trimmings at Portillo's.

I first stop by Aldi's to buy the solar ourdoor lights for our front walkway--at $2.99 each. It hits me--the sun is out and I have Monster cookies waiting for the rain to go away and the sun to appear for their photo re-shoot. Again at home, I set up my back-drop and arrange the cookies in the brightly colored fluted-plastic containers which were my very first Merci Beaucoup packaging concept. I decide to include some individual cookies in the shot so that the "goods" can be more properly appreciated. The nasty truth here is that the Monster cookies I have to use for the shoot actually are too dark on the bottom for consumption because I had moved my oven rack lower to bake the apple tarts and pies and forgot to readjust it. I hate ruining wonderful food with all of those high-end ingredients. The first two trays were a waste and I need to dump these immediately so that I can forget about this failure.

That accomplished I continue on toward Crystal Lake and my errands. CA calls before I get to Portillo's and decides he is in the mood for a hot dog, also. I tell him that if we meet up he has to sit in my car and listen to Sirius's Isaac Mizrahi as he is discussing parties and good manners with a group that includes Countess (Who really uses a title in this culture?) Luann de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of NY and I am fascinated. CA is a very good sport, so we savor our dinner in my car!

I manage my returns at Target without actually entering the store and buying anything additional! Another stop at Kohls and I get a couple more items for the M kids and a ball and glove for the squishy little guy for this weekend. I still need a few more things, but will wait until Tuesday which is Senior Citizen discount day at Kohls!

We had planned to dig some lilies and hosta for tomorrow's trip to Omaha, but it is too dark by the time I am home, so we will do our duty in the morning. I find time for some junk t.v. before packing. I have promised JE that we are not bringing nearly as much stuff along as the last two trips--otherwise my basement would be empty and her's full.

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