23 April 2009


I was to head home today, but still all those fish to fry (proverbially).

Don't get quite as early a start today, but we will still fill it full to overflowing with activities and accomplishments. We head to... I won't kid you, it's all a blur-r-r-. I know that we went to Romence Gardens to check out the geraniums--spectacular. You can tell it is early season, but they have wonderful plants. We didn't buy any as we had multiple stops before heading home and decided to check out the prices at Key Blooms before pulling out our wallets. We did see a spectacular black small Pansy/viola/Johnny Jump Up that is a must have.

Because of our late start I beg to eat lunch--it is already near 2:00pm--and we find the local Panera for a yummy tuna on wheat for me and an artichoke pannini for JL. I chat up a young mom holding 6-week old Alex and she encourages us to stop by her table where there are gathered three young moms with three new babes. In addition to Alex, we meet Jenna Eileen and ____, cooing and admiring all three for just a few minutes--an appreciate grandma audience for three strangers sharing lunch and cuddling their newborns.

I coax JL into Tuesday Morning as I'm looking for small cardboard suitcases for Merci Beaucoup--envisioning a Bon Voyage packaging. I have no luck, but we do check out the garden ornaments and wrapping papers and bags. TM is the best place to fall into... Never know what you will find and while the store is a mish-mash (most garage sales and outlet stores scare me and make my skin crawl) there is something about their merchandising that brings out the hunter-gatherer in me that is never too far below the surface.

Somewhere in the afternoon, we hit Aldi's and have a great time filling our cart with not only the Asia Specialties, but also some staples and a jar of their Morello Cherry jam. JL asks me to not let her go crazy, and she does pretty well. We need to approach shops like they are casinos--allowing ourselves a $20 limit each and when it is gone, so are we.

We end up back at Indian Lake in time for some afternoon sunshine and snack on the blueberry white cheddar JL purchased in Battle Creek yesterday. We have some wonderful split-pea soup JL made while I was driving up on Tuesday.

While talking to PM around 5:00pm we hear that her daughter-in-law's water has broken--the day before the doctors were to induce labor--and the twins are imminent.

As yesterday, we end up in her bedroom to watch junk t.v.--I do manage to cut out the curtain panels for baby LE's room in Omaha, and press and pin the headers. I have decided to wait for the hemming until we can hang them next weekend and make sure of the length.

Sometime around 11:00pm Michigan time we hear that Grant Allen and Charlotte Belle have safely entered this world, and that mommy and daddy and the two precious sisters are all doing well. Pictures will be on Facebook before we are out of bed in the morning. God is so, so good!

I fall into bed after part 2 of Will and Grace; read The Pig Did It (Which, I always refer to as the rabbit book when discussing my progress with CA. He is concerned because the book is due at the Woodstock Library and I keep delaying my return. 10 cents a day is the fine...) for just a few minutes and then fall into a deep and satisfying sleep.

The plan is for me to head home tomorrow in time to miss the afternoon rush hour traffic around Chicago...

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