28 April 2009


Stayed up too late last night. Actually fell asleep early enough, but didn't make it into bed until 1:30am. We both sleep in this morning and very much enjoy our French press coffee. I have every intention of staying home all day reading alternately with doing a few chores.

I am quite successful at staying in all day. The sun finally comes out, although I have loved the rainy overcast weather. We have had high winds, but no damage. I have flowers to plant, but don't plan that for today.

Today is for reading sTori Telling, the first book by Tori Spelling. I eat an early lunch as my stomach stapling requires smaller meals and I get hungry early. A yummy Bari Italian beef sandwich half with Havarti cheese and a combination of lite mayo and horseradish sauce.

I work a bit in the kitchen. JS is coming tomorrow to make marmalade and visit. I still have not managed to have the kitchen in shape to take photos, so maybe this will work for me. I also wade through the stacks of credit card and bank receipts requiring posting to my Excel workbook. A great accomplishment.

I bake a batch of Monster cookies so that I can re-shoot the photo for my business card for Merci Beaucoup. I neglect to check the oven rack levels--forgetting that we lowered the normal position when we were baking the apple crumb pies and tarts. Darn. Such wonderful ingredients to waste on burned cookies. I salvage about half the recipe, and hope to reclaim some of the cookie tops for ice cream topping. I hate burning cookies.

CA and I have decided to have beans and rice for dinner--an economical favorite. I have some red-orange-yellow Bell peppers that are beginning to wrinkle and don't want to waste. This is a favorite recipe that my sister-in-law originated when she was working for a state agency helping housewives learn to make inexpensive meals for their families.

1 Bell pepper, diced or roughly chopped
1 small Onion, chopped
1 T. Olive oil1 can Chili beans or black beans
1 T. Taco seasoning or 1/4 cup Salsa
Lettuce, shredded
Sour Cream
Rice, cooked

1. Heat olive oil in saute pan or skillet over medium high heat.
2. Add peppers and onions.
3. Saute until onions are translucent.
4. Pour the beans into a bowl and mash with fingers or a fork until still lumpy.
5. Add beans to saute pan. Stir intermittently to avoid sticking. Cook 10 minutes.
6. Add taco seasoning or salsa.

Serve over or alongside rice. Top with shredded lettuce and sour cream.
Taco chips make a fine accompaniment, but aren't necessary.
May also use as burrito filling or for nachos.

A wonderful lazy day. I don't intend to go too far from home tomorrow either. A trip to the library and maybe to Kohl's. I have decided I have to make a list or I won't get everything done before I leave for Europe on the 11th.

Just a few days until we see the squishy little guy and his baby sister. Today JE told him that grandpa and grandma were coming soon, and he whispered, "Presents." She asked him what he said and eventually he whispered, "Happy Birthday." He gets it...

Today he got his first guitar. No more air guitar. Hope he doesn't abandon the drums, because he is quite good, but he has been fascinated with the guitar for a couple of week--using his plastic shovel as a stand-in. JE sent CA a photo of baby LE today. She has GROWN so much in such a short time. We are counting the days and hours...

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