19 February 2012

The Week in Review

Where do I begin?

Sunday we spent a fun day in Chicago, and then dinner with friends.

Monday was a great at-home day. My back hurt, specifically my right lumbar region.

Tuesday, I had a phenomenal day with friends in Chicago. My back hurt. All day.

Wednesday, I took a Yoga class with my favorite instructor. My back felt so much better that I shopped and did errands for several hours. By midnight CA and I were researching online and watching this video. By 12:30am Thursday we were at the hospital.

Thursday I was released from the hospital--arriving home about 4:00pm.

Friday I went to a 6:00am Yoga class. Felt so much better that I way-way over-did. Had a miserable and regret-filled night.

Saturday I laid low until early afternoon when CA and I went to CL to a wine tasting (him) and to make some retail returns (me). I "might" have had an impulse problem this week traced to pain, self-pity, rogue pain-killers, sleep deprivation...

Today will be much better. As a wise hippy once proclaimed, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." and, as that great philosopher Little Orphan Annie opined, "The sun'll come out tomorrow." So maybe relief is only a day away.

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