11 February 2012


Winter has returned to the Chicago area. We had a nasty few hours of snow (not much accumulation by local standards) just in time for the work commute home on Friday evening. Our appointments were within a few miles of home, so though it was treacherous we weren't inconvenienced for long.

All that to say, we've been content today to do our Saturday things close to home. And, being home-bound always encourages my culinary inclinations. For a late lunch today, I whip together some scrambled egg; sauteed spinach, onion, and mushroom burritos. And, for dinner CA grills pork chops and I prepare green beans almondine (a blast from the past), and our favorite squash--acorn (CA's with butter and brown sugar, and mine with butter and black pepper). Nothing fancy, just good food.

We're very happy to have Season 2 of Downton Abbey finally available on PBS, and we've spent the past two evenings (re)viewing Season 1. CA has come late to the show and is now as hooked as I. Can't say enough about Julian Fellowes and all the actors involved. A lovely and beautifully shot period drama.

And during a few sleepless nights lately, I've been catching up on food Network's current Pioneer Woman cooking series. Love her blog; love her show.

Television has been abysmal for months and months. We're just happy to have found a bit of entertainment for a wintery weekend.

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