13 February 2012

Anti-Cupid? Or, wise words...

Loving this clever, tongue-in-cheek column in today's Chicago Tribune: Office romances rife with pitfalls, by Rex W. Huppke, I Just Work Here.

Love is in the air.
Either that or Dan over in accounting went a little nutso with the Axe Body Spray this morning.
Regardless, in the spirit of Valentine's Day and shameless column hooks, let's talk about office romances, the perils of workplace flirtation and the fact that this t-shirt really highlights my abs. (NOTE TO MY BOSSES: If you comment on my abs, I'll sue you faster than you can say "magnificent.")
First is the simple question: Is it ever a good idea to become romantically involved with a co-worker?

Answers and more fun here...

Rex Huppke is a very good writer. I love reading well-written anything.

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