13 February 2012

Jami Attenberg

I read everything Jami Attenberg writes and was delighted to find her blog whatever-whenever a ways back.

She's been working on her latest book while living temporarily in New Orleans. If you've only ever seen an official Mardi Gras parade, you're missing out... Here's a sample of the fun.

We visit New Orleans periodically, and I can't say I love it there. CA's only sib--LFW--resides in suburban NO and teaches at one of the universities, so we've heard her stories and seen some of this first-hand.

Crawfish are ubiquitous and delicious, so don't eat this little guy.

Our favorite spot for seafood is Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar in nearby Kenner, LA. The very best Bloody Mary ever!

This spot is the definition of casual. Think: paper towels for napkins, sticky table tops, high chairs and booster seats for the kiddies. Counter seating available. Their seafood retail outlet is just next door. Delicious. Every time.

These photos from here.

Mardi Gras dog photos from whatever-whenever, Jami Attenberg.

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