23 February 2012

4 Years and Counting

Notes I took in London 2008

Armani rides the Picadilly Line during Fashion Week 2008

I'm celebrating.

On this date in February 2008 I'd been visiting Bratislava to celebrate the birth of granddaughter #2, Kristina Faith Phillips. CA and I were traveling together, but when it was time to go I decided (at the last moment) to stay longer to help out a bit more with baby KF and fun kid, LG.

When I at last began the journey home, it turned into quite a journey. Literally and figuratively. Other forces were controlling my trajectory, resulting in a great adventure by myself and also the beginning of this blog.

Whew! I've just re-read the early posts and re-lived the facts, delights, and overwhelmingly fine experiences.

The detailed note taking and emails home were the result of JE insisting that she needed to hear every detail from her brother's home in Central Europe since she couldn't be there herself.

Somewhere along the way I realized that I wanted to start this blog to document our travels and life experiences, along with the witticisms and escapades of our increasing brood of grandchildren (we've gone from 3 to 6 little ones during this four years).

I'm still refining my content and goals--realizing that all that detail is kind of tedious. So, my goals going forward include paring down the details (except when we're traveling, as both our children like to vicariously travel along with us).

And, to celebrate further, I've started a new blog where I'm giving away a ton of decorative stuff and small antiques that currently live in my basement. Enjoy...

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