25 October 2009

LOOKING BACK AND AHEAD: smart stuff to remember for next trip to Kaua'i

Things we did right and things we want to remember for the next visit to Kaua'i:

>Soft-sided collapsible cooler
>Freezable ice pack
>The Ultimate Kaua’i Guidebook
>Keen’s for hiking the trails and into the beaches and falls
>Extra beach or fitness shoes for after hike
>Guys: more fun t-shirts, fewer golf shirts
>Girls: pack lighter—one short skirt, 3 shorts or capris, t-shirts
>Aveeno sunscreen, 30 and above
>Ziplock bags
>Washer/dryer sheets from WalMart (Purex Laundry Sheets)
>Daypack for hikes
>Water bottle ring on a ribbon (DIY project)
>Hand sanitizer
>Butt wipes
>Neoporin To Go! spray
>Paper plates and napkins

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