18 October 2009


4:00am alarm. I don’t even mind that I’ve slept only 3 or so hours. DM is up before 5:00am to drive us to O’Hare for our 5th or 6th trip to Kaua’i. MK comes sleepily down the stairs for some goodbye hugs and kisses. KF is already stirring but too shy this morning for too much attention. We will miss them and the little girls. The past two weeks have been jam-packed with goodness.

We have a convoluted itinerary—
frequent flier miles are great, but sometimes the routes aren’t so direct. We fly ORD to Dallas to LA to Lihue. All flights are on-time and we score exit row seats for each. Makes a world of difference. We both have books, so our down-time goes quickly and we get real food in LA. O.K. it’s from Chili’s but we eat salads and they have real chicken in them and they taste very, very fine! A definite step up from the bacon/egg/cheese biscuit I snarfed from one of the ORD McDonald’s earlier this morning. Can’t believe AA flies you almost 6 hours from LA to Lihue and doesn’t provide a scrap of food. I know airline food was always below-average at best, but it did provide a diversion and parts of it were edible.

I finish A Happy Marriage by Rafael Yglesias and will read more from his backlist. His novels are autobiographical. This one is sweet and poignant—he married young and by 50 (in 2004) his wife died from an obscure cancer. He truly opens a vein when he writes. Don’t know how much is fictionalized, but it’s obvious they fought the good fight, she finished the race, and he has written about it.

I start Getting to Know You by David Marusek on the LA to Lihue flight—discovering that he writes science fiction. The Woodstock Public Library has done it again! They had America America by Ethan Canin classified as Young Adult, and it clearly was not. I don’t enjoy science fiction, but I will give this book a shot.

Our flight arrives early, and when I call PM from the cell phone they are already at baggage claim awaiting our arrival. Nice.

After checking in we opt for Duke's for dinner. PM+MM love the food! MM is wild about the Kalua Pork sandwich, and PM loves the waffle fries. I have the cashew chicken stir fry, and CA enjoys the blackened mahi mahi sandwich. Yum!

I fall into bed and can't even read my book. This has been a very, very long day.

Aloha and good night.

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