08 October 2009


KF mugging for camera.

LG is a pro at posing...
The little girls and their parents arrived on Monday afternoon and we are definitely in the action mode. CandyLand games, Play Dough, videos, soccer, hop-scotch, coloring... Two out of three days so far have been wet and rainy so more inside games and activities than anyone planned.

LG is a vivacious 4-1/2 with superb language skills in English and Slovak. She loves dancing and talking and busy-busy activities. KF is constantly practicing her stair climbing skills and exploring Grandma and Papa's house. She seems to understand English and speaks some words, but more Slovak. In the car on the way from O'Hare she piped up from the backseat, "America." Then yesterday, she said, "Chicago" without any prompting. It will be fun to experience her language acquisition first-hand. DM & MK speak English at home together, but MK speaks mostly Slovak when she is home with the girls. LG and KF are very sweet together--lots of hugs and laughs. KF needs to do EVERYTHING LG does, and she is just fla-out adorable.

KF has been potty trainig herself since mid-summer. She will not poop in a diaper, but insists on the big toilet. If she potties in her diaper, she immediately removes it and insists on a dry one. She will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom and then proceed to remove her diaper when she needs to go. Very self-sufficient. She loves her little toddler bed--her own special place--and has gone to bed easily each time. At home she had been giving her mommy and daddy fits climbing out and wandering about. Their doors at home are big and heavy, but she early on mastered the latch. She seems determined to figure out everything mechanical--a little engineer's mind.

I've been grocery shopping and cooking lots while the Europeans work through the jet-lag. And, DM scheduled doctors and dentist appointments to fit in each day this first week. This weekend is jam-packed with events in Wheaton--DM will be inducted into the Wheaton College Hall of Honor on Saturday, and College Church's mission's conference is also this weekend so DM and MK will be participating in all three services Sunday.

I'm so happy to be home and not working. I feel convinced that my working days are over and for the next four months there will be plenty of productive activities. This is the first time in my life that I feel that I can concentrate on home life and not feel divided or frustrated that I have so much to multi-task. This is good.

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