22 October 2009


Our first time to eat in the villa—we make a fruit salad with PM+MM’s fruit basket leftovers and our pickings from the Hanalei Farmer’s Market. We have apple bananas, star fruit, papaya, mango, a red apple, a kiwi, and pineapple. A beautiful fruit salad and a fun breakfast.

CA and I decide to lounge by the pool and PM+MM leave for the Kaua’i Medical Urgent Care facility in Lihue near the airport. PM started coughing yesterday—a real bronchial sounding cough—and wants to get a z-pak before something serious sets in.

The doc-in-a-box doesn’t think it’s bronchitis because she has a fever and some beginning flu symptoms. He tests for the H1N1 (swine flu) and gets a shadowy positive reading, so he prescribes appropriate meds—3 of them—and tells her to rest. Apparently, if you take the Tamiflu from the get-go it will shorten the flu cycle. MA tells us that the doctor said that if any of us feel any beginning symptoms we need to hike over to the clinic and get the Tamiflu immediately.

In the meantime I have a fun conversation with RvH back in Illinois, and CA spends some time in the pool. When I sit down for lunch at Kukui’s, it isn’t but a few minutes and CA shows up to share my hummus and cucumber yogurt dip, which is served alongside carrot and celery sticks, some tomato slices and pita triangles. A yummy and healthful lunch, which we both top off with some Maui chips.

DM+MK are having a great time in Texas. On the phone today LG asked exactly where I am, and I explained Hawaii-by the pool—next to the ocean. That satisfied her and she handed the phone to daddy.

PM stays in bed resting and napping all afternoon, so CA and I drive up to Kapa’a to visit Long Drugs and the Coconut Marketplace. The only good think I can say about the Coconut Marketplace is that they have a Lappert’s Ice Cream kiosk and so CA and I indulge (remember we had a healthy lunch)—I’m back to the mini peanut butter cup variety and CA has his favorite caramel/praline. We get a couple of necessities at Long’s including some Kona coffee and also Lappert’s signature blend ($2 less here than in the Lappert’s stores.).

MA-CA-and I decide to go to Duke’s for another meal. No matter who we take to Duke’s they always love it. PM is a bit nauseous and only is tempted at the prospect of waffle fries. Mark can almost not resist the Kalua pork sandwich for a second time, but eventually decides on the Mango BBQ Ribs. CA orders the pork, and I have the coconut shrimp pupu from the dining room menu with a Barefoot Bar green salad as accompaniment. We all smack our lips and moan with the sheer pleasure of really good bar food.

CA and I opt for a late night in the pool and hot tub, and end up meeting some very nice people from Colorado Springs and Sonoma Valley. We exchange hiking and restaurant stories and recommendations, and then have some MVCI owner’s chat. We don’t even exchange names—these are chance meetings that enliven and inform our travel.

For tomorrow we are talking about a drive to and through Waimea Canyon, the Canyon Trail hike to Waipo'o Falls, and some photo ops at Pu’u o Kila Lookout over the Kalalau Valley. One of our best couple's portrait was taken by a stranger at the top of the Lookout. Sweet. And, we’ve decided it’s time for a return visit to Tip Top Café and those macadamia nut pancakes for breakfast. PM may or may not leave the resort tomorrow, but if she feels a bit like it she will enjoy the ride through the Canyon and find a place to nest while we hike.

For Saturday, we are thinking about a zip-line adventure and a return sunshine visit to Polihale. PM+MM have all morning and half the afternoon on Sunday before they head for the airport and the 3:00pm deadline for the rental car return. CA and I have all day as we have a late evening flight to Austin which will get us there around noon on Monday.

So… Today we had some pool time, some porch sitting and ocean gazing, a little shopping, and more great food. We THINK we are burning enough calories with our activities that we can continue to enjoy all the special food. The scales will tell…

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