10 October 2009


Today DM is being inducted into the Wheaton College Hall of Honor--a celebration of his college baseball contributions and acknowledgment of his life commitment to serving God as a missionary for Campus Crusade Athletes in Action in Bratislava, Slovakia. Marrying MK and fathering 2+ little girls is just the whipping cream on top!

CA and DM drive to Wheaton early for a video interview and brunch. MK and I follow with the little girls--shopping along the way for winter coats and a Mickey D's lunch... We run into BC with her three children in Anderson Commons, and walk to the football field with them. The induction is at half-time. DM has asked his great friend and college coach to do the honors. Lots of good friends and families are here on this cold and crisp Fall afternoon.

This is a gorgeous campus, and a place that holds many fond memories for all of us. CA and I lived here our first year of marriage, and I visited this campus to see him for three years prior to our marriage. We remember bringing DM here when he was 3 or 4 and showing him the sites and where we lived. He was so, so confused, and kept asking, "But, where was I?"

Both JE and DM loved their college years and many of their dearest friends are from those years. Sending them to Wheaton College was a huge financial commitment--CA's parents helped--and one that we have never regretted. Well, my one vocalized regret (tongue-in-cheek) was always that Wheaton taught the kids so much about serving God and serving others and not enough about earning $$$. It seemed CA and I were the work horses, earning the $$$ so that they could live more altruistic lives...

Of course, we are PROUD of both JE and DM. DM is getting the honors today, and JE is just as dear and deserving--she just didn't choose athletics. Her depth of friendship and commitment to a huge group of wonderful individuals speaks volumes about how she has invested her gifts.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS DM! We are very, very blessed and grateful to God for your life and choices.

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