03 October 2009


JA performing on his Lego guitar.
Made by grandma...
Our two little girls from Central Europe are arriving with their daddy and mommy in just two days! We can hardly wait. We are loading up the frig and readying their bedrooms. This will be a very long visit, and before it is over we will have three little girls living here! New baby girl is due in early January.

I took a quick trip to Omaha to spend time with JA and LE--just four days, but packed with laughs and songs and small, precious moments. JA talks all the time--narrates his life with phrases mommy and daddy have said to him. "Stay in your bed." "Don't touch the curtains." "Let's try that again." And, my very favorite, "Time for friends to go home." He is a very self-contained little guy who loves his own company and tolerates his baby sister just a bit more every week. He still hates loud noises, and complains when she surprises him with one. But, he is more prone to give her a quick hug or share a toy than he was a few months ago. She adores him and is all smiles and dancing eyes when he is about. He's gonna love her! Who can resist anyone who puts you in the center of their universe.

No work since late August, so I've declared myself officially retired. The agency says it's a slow fall after a very slow summer. This economy! So, my focus is homemaking, family, and friends. My days are quieter than ever and I am reading tons. Our house guests will consume most of my time over the next few months, with holidays and all. Hopefully, I have a plan for moving forward more definitively by next spring.

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