04 April 2014

Taylor Mill Projects, Part 1

I needed a Fun Kids injection, so I headed to Cincinnati. JE and I hatched an idea to turn their mostly non-functioning entryway closet into a workable, usable, attractive space. We're not done, but we are a long way down the road.


We started here...





And, got this far...

Closet Reno, so far.


There are shelves to add, baskets to purchase, hooks to hang. Some of that will get done this week by JE, and some we'll work at when they come here.

Update. For now.


I had expert help with the sanding...


We tried and loved the Killz spray cans for primer. It takes a light hand, with a paint brush close-by to smooth any drips.


The storage units are Trofast from IKEA , as are the very modern Grundtal brushed stainless steel hooks ($2.99/2-pack). JE had already purchased one natural wood unit, so we opted to buy the second in the same finish/construction and to prime and paint both rather than buying particle board/foil in white.



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