14 April 2014

Lemon Tartlettes



I've treasured this cookbook for years. It was one of the first I purchased in the early years of our marriage. This has been not only my go-to pastry cookbook, but CA's also as he's the primary pie crust-maker, pie baker at our house. I may research Julia's The Way to Cook for almost all techniques, but Martha's Pies & Tarts is the word in our home for all things pie-related.

This has been in my to-do list for several days. I froze the leftover pâte brisée from CA's birthday peach pie, planning cinnamon rolls or lemon tartlettes.

CA's Birthday Peach Pie


I did some quick thinking as I reached for the pie weights--then I folded some parchment paper in thirds, drew two outlines of the tart pan drop bottom, and cut six circles about 1" outside the drawn outline. I folded each circle into 8ths, laid one over each pastry-lined pan, and then gently dropped a handful of ceramic beads into the center of each parchment circle. Voilà!

Maybe this photo clarifies that process...

How to line a tartlette crust.


Today, I'm using a prepared lemon curd, although I've been very happy using Martha's recipe in the past.



Voilà! x 6.

Not really this orange. Just lemony yellow.


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