13 April 2014

Jonah is 7 today.



This guy loves, loves, loves the color blue. He's always full of questions, challenges. His head spins with thoughts. He's exceptionally atuned to music, and from a year old to about 5 he was totally dedicated to drumming and guitars. Now he's busy with physical activity and sports, and he's learning to enjoy reading. He loves stories--LE and he listen to audiobooks daily.


Jonah loves, loves, loves his little brother LC, and mostly plays well with his oh-so-inventive sister LE. He loves wrestling with his daddy, watching sports, and having a catch. His mommy takes good care of him, encourages him, and keeps track of his likes and dislikes. She's his prime advocate and organizer. He's very proud of his mommy and keeps her near.



He's always going to be the guy with one or just a few best friend(s). He's learning to manage his world, avoiding sensory overload. As the phone calls began today with birthday wishes, he said, "Why are all these people calling me?" NaNa and PaPa, Uncle Eric, and grandpa and I. Still, he was sweet and polite, and brief--forebearing our calls. When we're together, he's always ready with a hug and sweet smile. Just keep it brief.


This is where JA fits into the grandchilren mix... He's 7, just behind (as above) his very blonde cousin, LG (9 next month). His siblings LE (5) and LC (2-1/2) fill out the first row. His other cousins KF (6) and NJ (4) stand to his left.




BTW... JA has asked his mommy to prepare blue Jello for his school birthday treat. She didn't even know he liked Jello!




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