25 April 2014

Found Objects


We purchased this cabinet on a whim from a now-defunct local furniture store the summer we moved into our home--2001. CA was especially captivated, thinking we'd use it in the master bedroom for our television. That never quite worked out, and t.v.'s soon got flat and light-weight, and wall-hung.

So, this cabinet resides in our greatroom, holding Christmas china, candles, passports, random luggage tags, and foreign currencies (In VERY small quantities, Mr. Robber.)

The amusing fact about this cabinet is that we moved it around from place to place over the years, until one day I noticed something kraft paper-ish sticking out underneath. Upon investigating, I found that a backsplash had been wrapped and taped to the bottom for shipping, and was never mentioned at time of purchase nor discovered until years after.

In situ.

I didn't want it attached, thank you very much. So, it landed on a basement shelf where I would, on occasion, pick it up, note it's heaviness, and replace it on the shelf. Somewhere along the way I had the brilliant idea to repurpose it into a coat-rack/key-holder, and had our handyman(men) drill for hooks and then hang it securely (it is heavy!) in the back hall. I love it! It's functional and lovely. Extremely functional. Classes up an otherwise dreary pass-through from the garage.

More detail.


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