17 April 2014

David's Birthday


We can't be together to celebrate DM's birthday this year, but he's in our thoughts and prayers all day.


He's our firstborn and the swift-kick that pushed CA and I into instant parenthood and maturity. We were never frivolous. We were just very young (24 and 22-1/2) when he was born. CA was a U.S. Navy officer and I soon wore the official (of the time) Navy wife uniform--maternity.

We were (and are) adoring, committed parents. We were also overwhelmed by the 24/7 realities of a newborn. DM has always been intense. He rolled over very, very young; walked soon; constant motion. He's been an athelete and die-hard Cubs and Bears fan since toddlerhood, it seems.

We are and have ALWAYS been proud of him. He works hard, loves deeply, intensely. He has that rare aura--like a young Meg Ryan or Jon Hamm. He emits more light than average, and that plus his gracious smile and sincere attitude have always made him stand out; people are drawn to him.

Today we celebrate his birthday. His 4 girls know how to put on a party, so we're convinced this day will be a special one.


We love you, David Matthew!



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