19 April 2014

English as a Second Language

My great friend RvH stepped out of her comfort zone a bit over a year ago to mentor in an English as a Second Language program. She's been incredibly faithful, and flexible, as her adult student-friend (now) balances a busy life which includes a disabled child. I was so, so pleased to get this email from her yesterday--


I am so proud of Edilsia. When I met her Fall, 2012 she was at Level 1 and now she tested at Level 7 which is the cap for the first phase. She really did well with answering all the questions, understood everything, so officially this phase with DuPage Literacy is over the end of June. She needs work with her writing skills and language structure, but that is not a priority in her everyday life. That would be the next phase with DuPage so I will not officially sign up with them again, but will just meet with her, going forward, when we can. The main objective for now was for her to be comfortable and confident with her English speaking skills so that she could get her needs met when dealing with teachers or doctors, etc., both understanding them and not needing an interpreter when speaking English. She is smart and motivated, and thus, she has done something good for herself. The "teacher" always learns from the student. Her son, Emmanuel, came home with all "A's" on his report card. I told her that when he comes home today from school, she needs to share her news of a good report too...a nice gift for us all.


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