12 April 2014

Busy Week

Planned an overnight in Chicago at my niece's for Tuesday, in order to attend a medical appointment with my sister JA. Always enjoy the irresistable ES and the lovable RR. LA made a quick and delicious taco salad for dinner and I squeezed in some fun conversations and Waterlogue play with the kiddos.

Wednesday meant an early morning at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's and then some errands, and JL came home with me. CA picked up some Pad Thai and we vegged at home and watched Midsomer Murders via Netflix.

Thursday was errands and then haircuts at Mario Tricocci's Salon. My talented stylist sorted out JL's recent hair woes (Rx has frizzed and curled JL's normally straight hair). My own locks took a huge growth spurt this month leaving me somewhat bedraggled, too. We left the salon as happy campers. Reshaped and revamped.

JL, looking like JL. Finally.


Friday meant an early trip back to Rush, then home for me via California Pizza Kitchen in Schaumburg for my favorite Pear Gorgonzola thin crust pizze and an hour+ of downtime and regrouping.

Pear, Gorgonzola Pizza



Today is dark skies, pouring rain, and hail! I love, love love stormy weather. I plan a Pajama Day with fun food and no responsibilities.


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