30 December 2009


When I walked into the kitchen this morning, I introduced myself to KF and she actually laughed at me! Later we played Candyland and puzzles.

We're in that extra-weird place between Christmas and New Years where lots of people anesthesize by shopping--which we did a bit of yesterday. The extra part is because the new baby girl is coming on Saturday morning, or before...

It takes more intentionality to entertain the little girls because the snow is no longer new and it's very cold outside. D+M decide today is perfect for visiting Kohl's Children's Museum in Glenview.

I bake two bacon and green onion quiches using Jarlsberg cheese for dinner tonight. We, or someone, will toss together a great salad and dinner will be a breeze.

CA and I disposed of more than a few Christmas decorations this morning. LG will be very sad when the stockings and tree come down, so we are procrastinating on that for a few days. We'll probably exchange Christmas decorations for welcoming baby home decorations to save on some heavy drama.

We're still loving the Bona floor mop. We do prep the floor very well before mopping--vacuum, Swiffer--and dust the baseboards. It takes literally a few minutes to achieve instead of spending 40 minutes or so on our very creaky knees. A great find!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am fresh out of holidays for 2009 and New Year's is just another day...

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