27 December 2009


KF has not gotten suddenly large. She is wearing LG's nightgown over her own clothes.

CA and I slip out early this a.m. for a Starbucks run before heading to the grocery store for some last minute supplies. It's fun to sit near the window and appreciate the quaint beauty of the Woodstock Square snow-covered and with Christmas carols echoing from the town square gazebo.

Since last night's dinner was rescheduled in the midst of our snow storm, we are preparing to serve a simplified version for lunch today--creamy risotto, sautéed spinach , and La Brea baguettes. If L+E bring along the salad planned for last night, we will have the spinach as an appetizer and the Clementine salad with the risotto. TL has also promised Yellow Fin Tuna and Albacore sashimi made from the massive catch he and his friends had recently off the coast of San Diego. However our appetizers and entrées work out, LG has made a chocolate cake for dessert! Not a good day to re-start the diet.

* * *

Whew! Lot's of great food and conversation. No dinner happening here tonight.

The sashimi is outstanding! The Albacore is like butter melting in my mouth. And, I'm not even too fond of fish. Everyone loves the sautéed spinach with roasted garlic on thin baguette slices, too. The first course is so yummy that it's hard to move on to the salad and entrée, but we do and thoroughly enjoy the cheddar cheese risotto and mixed green salad with red onions, candied pecans, and citrus vinaigrette. Such fantastic food!

The little girls and Sophie have a big time together running, playing, and making plans for future play dates. After lunch the young uncles and pregnant MK take all three little girls across the lane to our sledding hill. Big stuff!

I'm ready to declare our holiday celebrating over and done with! Yep, I know New Year's is still ahead, but I think I'm going to pretend that it is just an ordinary night.

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