23 December 2009


We're leaving soon for Costco and then to Babies R Us to buy the soon-to-be new baby a car seat. She's due to arrive on January 2nd by C-section, but both KF and LG arrived earlier than expected. We've had some near misses on eBay auctions, but we can't delay any longer. We need to be prepared.

The little girls are counting down--two more wake-ups until Christmas presents. Every day around here has been a circus, so Christmas mornng will be a carnival! Gifts, wrappings, monkey bread, orange Juliuses, treks in the snow...

Grandpa and grandma are planning to sneak out to a movie--It's Complicated. That's not a true Christmas tradition, but we've seen movies a few times on Christmas Day. A memorable choice was Love Story in 1970. We were living in Norfolk, VA--CA was a Navy Ensign and we were alone in our apartment on Ft. Worth Avenue. We were feeling quite independent and probably a bit homesick, but we celebrated with special gifts and stockings hung on our bookshelves.

Movies mark a few special occasions for our family. CA and I saw Fiddler on the Roof in Virginia Beach in April of 1972, just a day before our son was born at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. CA, DM, and I saw the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve in Crystal Lake the day before JE's scheduled C-section. The year we spent Christmas in Paris--1999--we saw The American President on the Champs Elysees.

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