01 December 2009



Started the week with a pajama day. All day. Reading and resting and long phone calls with my two sisters who don't live near the family seat. Don't even cook CA dinner. He has the leftover etouffe that LFW fixed for us Thanksgiving Eve. It's yummy. Groceries are low, but I manage with a pumpkin bagel and lite cream cheese and a pear/walnut/goat cheese/balsamic salad.

Tuesday starts slow and then hits the road racing... DM calls to say he and MK are on there way here and then taking KF to the doctor for some persistent intestinal issues. We agree that I will go with MK and KF to the doctor and then bargain hunting at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. DM and LG will stick around the house and catch up on the laundry. They don't have laundry facilities in their rental.

After the doctor--the very kind and very gentle doctor that we all love--we decide to go to Wool Street in Barrington. MK loves a good burger and I love showing off a new restaurant selection. I end up with the burger, while MK has a grilled chicken with mozarella, pesto, and roasted red peppers on ciabatta. They bake their own bread and rolls here. KF slurps down some creamy chicken soup, generously laced with oyster crackers. It is clear that 22 month old KF knows she has a special day out with mommy and grandma. We get lots of big smiles and sparkling eyes.

Marshalls is a hit. We find t-shirts and hoodies for LG, pretty dress shoes, and flashy pink snow boots. KF is a SHOPPER! She needs to try on many pairs of shoes and also points to a variety of toys that she needs to examine closely. For most of the time at Marshalls she is wearing a pair of Stride Rite pink satin ballet shoes. I must go back and buy them! And the purple and pink multi-tiered tutu for LG.

We stop by Joseph's for some groceries and MK buys secret treats for St. Mikuláš Day on Sunday. You can't beat the deli and produce prices at Joseph's, and there is a huge selection of Central European and Mexican foods. MK finds a favorite juice for KF that is familiar from Slovakia. I'm coming back later in the week to stock up on Monster Taco supplies for our weekend guests.

Guests this weekend. Family Christmas in Central Illinois next weekend. And then, I can organize our Woodstock Christmas. Just hope the new baby stays put until the New Year. If she decides to come early we will just have to accomodate her!

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