20 December 2009


I can't keep up! For ever I've been convinced that my floors aren't clean unless I clean them on my hands and knees. That's when I see the dusty floorboards and the smudge marks, and use my fingernail through the scrub cloth to clean the beveled edges of our hardwood floors.

Since the little girls moved in I've realized that my aging knees can't take the pressure required with all that cleaning. We have dribbles and spills, streaks and splats. There's a whole lot of living going on here and the floors bear witness.

I did a bit of research, visited Bed, Bath & Beyond twice, and took one trip to Costco before convincing myself to invest in the Bona mop and cleaner. BB&B has the best price, when you factor in the 20% off coupon.

CA and I put it to the test today, and Voila! I'm  convinced. This doesn't mean that I've given up on the on-my-knees cleaning, but much of the time these lovely floors will be tended to with the Bona Hardwood Floor Care System.

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