06 December 2009


Life has been chaotic here the past few days. Little KF is sick with a low fever and is generally inconsolable. No one slept much last night, or the night before, including her. We have a full house--6 adults and the two little girls. Everyone is surviving, but many of us share sucidal thoughts around 3:00am...

Not sure the antibiotics are having any effect, but the Ibuprofen makes her a bit happier for a couple of hours. She CLINGS to her mommy much of the time, and yesterday when D+M were out with their friends, she clung to Papa--sleeping in his arms for almost three hours, not allowing us to ever-so-gently pry her away.

We made Monster Tacos on Friday night; fritata and monkey bread this morning. DM takes their guests to O'Hare and the rest of us go to our separate corners to recover from the weekend. LG watches far too many videos, but KF naps for 3-1/2 hours so it's alright. MK desperately needs some down-time as the new baby girl is due to arrive on January 2nd.

Everybody needs a good night's sleep.

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