31 January 2015

Tiny House

The area we stayed in had no landscaping.

I get big ideas. I convince myself of the logic, the practicality, the potential of something. Some of my big ideas die a quick and riskless death. Some get filed away for later or for someone else. Some stay on my front burner for months and years, waiting for timing, opportunity, a lightening strike. Some move forward, cost a few dollars, then fizzle. Most don't soar. O.K., none have soared because by nature and by nurture I am not a risk taker. This tiny house thing has intrigued me for years. I'd almost convinced myself and had begun drawing others into conversation about the ingenuity, the practicality, the beauty of living small.

We don't live small nor do we live large. We live medium in a 2,000 sq.ft. 2-story townhouse, with full basement. We have stuff. I've spent years as a hunter-gatherer. First primitive antiques and kitchen gadgets; then dinnerware and French Country accents. Oh, I've sorted and passed on many treasures--to family, to friends, and even to strangers. Yet, the elephants(s) are in every room and our basement--I'm no minimalist. I'm someone who draws comfort and creative energy from my stuff.

I digress... We had the opportunity to live small this week; very small. Well, of course it'd work well!

Guess what? I hate it. Hate it. It's been claustrophobic and boring. The necessities are here, but there's nothing lovely to feed my hungry soul. The house's amenities are fine. Just o.k. The setting is not. It could be. The Napa River is right here, but no one has made any attempt to make the river bank inviting. The owners of this community have fallen apart when it comes to curb appeal. We won't come back.

Our weather this week has been phenomenal. Much better than we ever expected. Sunshine and 60s. All week. The area of and surrounding Napa and Sonoma are lovely. Natural beauty is everywhere in the undulating hills and valley; in the forrested Calistoga area; in Muir County Baylands. At these sights my soul is happy.

I am not an extrovert. I need solitude and quiet activity to exist. My filters are wacky; too much gets through. My brain drains; my energy wanes. Beauty is required. (As well as a decent Internet connection, or at least more than 2 lousy Cellular bars.)

Napa General Store.

We had a lovely brunch today--patio seating with umbrellas, sunshine, and lovely food. At one point a cool breeze drifted though. CA laughed when I told him I'd be oh-so-happy to pay extra for that breeze. If it'd been on my brunch menu this morning:

Filtered sunlight with intermittent gentle breezes ....................... $20.00

I would have asked our waitress to add it to our check. Hands down. Zero hesitation. Soul food.

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