17 January 2015

A Winter's Respite

In Colorado. Yep! The thing is--unlike our midwestern relentless winters, the Front Range of Colorado likes to mix it up, weatherwise. We've been enjoying mild temperatures (50s) and loads of sun during this visit, while last week (prior to our arrival) the locals were shoveling snow and bundling up. DM says the key is, to choose south-facing housing. Otherwise, the snow melts during the day, but freezes over again at night resulting in icy conditions. Repeats daily. 

I've been out-and-about in a long-sleeved t-shirt layered with a light zip-up athletic-style jacket. I'm chicken enough to have my puffy coat in the car at-the-ready, but there it's stayed. 

This is a busy house, every day. Today the Fun Kids are skiing Eldora, but each day is full with school, music lessons, tutoring, birthday parties, playdates, errands, and school runs. The schedule is complex, and often consulted. 

CA and I float freely, chiming in where appropriate, and generally go with the flow. We fit in breakfasts and lunches in cute cafes and favorite restaurants, manage a school run or two, sometimes doing a drop-off or pick-up. I usually cook and bake a bit, but not so far this trip. Then, there are endless games of Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire, and Sudoku. My iPad is home for many, many games and entertainments. 

We always miss our Cincinnati Fun Kids when we're here and they're not. There's ongoing conversations on how we can all be together more often. 

Tonight is a special one: our niece's engagement party in Denver. We'll meet her groom for the very first time, and many of their friends. We're looking forward to the party and an entire evening with CA's sister and all. CA booked a hotel room downtown Denver for tonight, so we can stay out late (Ha!) and enjoy brunch tomorrow. 

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