26 January 2015

Spring-like Napa

Gorgeous sunny day--68° in the Napa River Valley. This is a dream trip. CA's, not mine, but I will find plenty to enjoy. I've already expressed contentment in driving up and down the valley, everyday will be fine. Beautiful views of mountainsides and blue, blue skies. My soul drinks it in. And, I will write and take photos--interspersed with great coffee and meals.

We visit our first tasting room this trip--Miner Family Winery--eventually choosing a white wine, The Iliad, 2012. CA has plans to transport 4 bottles in his checked bag, a carefully selected 4 bottles. I'm guessing a couple more will end up in my bag...

Tomorrow is our big treat--a tasting at Cardinale Vineyards, arranged by a former student of CA's. Actually, a man whom CA coached in freshman football in the years before Northern Illinous embraced soccer, and CA never looked back. He is still coaching high school soccer, to great success. 

Fine coffee today at Napa Valley Coffee Roasters--the Grapevine Blend is outstanding. And, lunch at R+D Restaurant in Yountville was excellent. My buttons got pushed, and CA exclaimed superlatively over his Thai Steak and Noodle Salad. 

Dinner is almost beside the point, but we go late to Oxbow Market and enjoy small plates.

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